With a background in documentary production, including as a cinematographer for the History Channel, Michael is well versed in capturing important events as they happen.  With an eye for detail and an easy going personality, you’ll be glad to have him or a member of his team documenting your special day.

He specializes in very unobtrusive filming techniques so you and your guests can enjoy the wedding day and not worry about the camera.  For many shots he uses a long lens and agile camera moves to capture the action without getting in the way.

If he is not filming or editing, his favorite escape is a paddle in the bay in his hand-built wooden kayak or a ride on his vintage Bianchi road bike.

Take a peek at some of the short clips below as Michael speaks about his background and favorite experiences filming:

How I Got Started Filming

How I got Started Filming from WeddingVideoPro.com on Vimeo.

Cars at Weddings

Cars at Weddings from WeddingVideoPro.com on Vimeo.

Filming Details at Weddings

Fliming Details at Weddings from WeddingVideoPro.com on Vimeo.