We are offering a brand new highlights video package for only $1495! It includes a full 6 hours of coverage on your wedding day and is professionally edited into a 4-7 highlights video. This includes a web link so you can easily share your video with family and friends through e-mail and social media. You can upgrade this package to a full-length edit which is about 45-60 minutes in length and includes a DVD complete with a menu and chapter stops, with a highlights section on the last chapter. This option gives you the best of both worlds and is just $750 more than the highlights only video package.

Either package comes complete with two video cameras at the ceremony, wireless microphones for clear vows and full digital editing. Artistic and tasteful effects such as beautiful black and white, smooth dissolves and transitions, and stunning slow motion are all included. You will also be able to choose your own music.

You have the option to upgrade from a standard DVD to full quality HD Blu-ray disc. Options like overtime and full-length editing are also available so make sure to view our price list. Ask about our vintage Super 8 movie film; it adds a timeless look that can’t be replicated using standard video.

With a background in documentary film, and music video production we strive to make wedding videos more creative and enjoyable to watch.

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Full-length Edit - $750.00

If you would like a fully edited 1-2 hour long video this is the option for you. You will also get a beautiful 3-7 minute highlights video included at the end.

Overtime - $200.00/hr

You can easily add extra coverage to our standard 6-hour package by requesting overtime. It is best to let us know before your wedding date, but you can also request it the night of the event if it looks like you need extra time.

HD Blu-ray Disc - $100.00

Upgrade your video package to include a HD Blu-ray disc. This is the best way to preserve the full quality of your wedding day.

Super 8 Movie Film - $150.00

There is nothing quite as timeless as capturing moments from your day in real black and white movie film. Using a separate Super 8 film camera we can edit this footage in with your main video. We’ve had people tell us they thought the footage looked just like it was shot in the 1930’s!

Additional DVD Copies - $50.00

Order more DVD copies for your friends and family if you like. It is always good to have extra copies in different locations as a back up. Add a Blu-ray copy for an additional $100.00.

Additional Still Picture Montage - $50.00 + $5.00/picture

We can make an elegant montage video using still pictures that you provide. Using music of your choice, we create an entertaining presentation that can be shown at your reception. We also refer a great company that can provide the projector and screen. They take care of set up and take down and all of the technical details so you don’t have to. The service runs about $300 and is well worth it.

Love Story Video - $750.00 and up

We can create a very unique and entertaining video before your wedding date to be shown at your reception. It can be as simple as interviews between the bride & groom or as complex as a music video. You get to help create a story that shows your uniqueness as a couple. We’ve done romantic videos, action adventure pieces, and comedy routines. The sky is the limit on this option.